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Minimize your risk and liability with Halogen's Emergency Gas Shut-Off Valves. If you use hazardous or Chlorine Gases you know the risks associated with them. Halogen's Emergency Gas Shut-off Valves provide an extra measure of safety for these environments. Don't let a gas leak become a reportable Hazmat incident. Protect your personnel and environment. All of our shutoff systems are Fire code approved replacements for gas scrubber systems.

Since 1995 Halogen Valve Systems, Inc. has manufactured and distributed a complete line of emergency gas shutoff valves and gas detection systems. Recognizing the need for a more effective method of preventing a leak, we developed our shutoff systems to reduce the hazards of exposure to toxic gases in the workplace. Up until then, dealing with a leak meant cleaning up the mess after the incident. We knew there was a better, more cost effective way and that was stopping the leak in progress.

Our fully automated and microprocessor controlled systems can respond to a leak immediately and your operational personnel don't have to risk exposure during a gas leak. See for yourself why Halogen's Shutoff Systems have been proven reliable in a variety of operations.

Recommended for all water / wastewater treatment facilities and hazardous gas use environments.


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