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Relay Interface Module - Part # 4500.14

Relay Interface Module
Product Literature

The Relay Interface Module is a unique option used to compliment the Duplex II System. This flexible programmable I/O controller can be used to activate several different relays to signal events that are controlled by the microprocessor in the Duplex Model II. The module adds yet another level of safety to the emergency valve shutoff system by allowing the operator to respond to events or trigger functions automatically. Designed for simplicity and functionality, the Relay Interface Module gives you total control over the emergency valve shutoff system.

  • All relays can be activated based on ten specific diagnostic and system conditions
  • Integrates directly with Duplex II controller to make all five relays programmable
  • Circuit board contains snubber network to protect sensitive electronic circuits
  • Individual LED’s indicate activated relays
  • All three output relays are configured as DPDT rated at 115/230 VAC 5.0 amps.
  • Normally open and normally closed connections available
  • Can be set to momentary or latching relays
  • Relays plug in for easy replacement

SCADA RS232 Serial Port Adapter

Scada RS232 Serial Adapter
Technical Specifications

The SCADA serial port adapter is used to provide a local SCADA system a large variety af additional information. Most of the items controlled by a controllers' microprocessor are available to the system. The fault codes are repeated at a rate of one minute intervals while a fault persists.

  • 9600 Baud Rate
  • RS232 and RJ45 connections