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Hazardous Gas Valve Shutoff Systems







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The leader in Emergency

Gas Shutoff Systems.



Minimize your risk and liability with Halogenís Emergency Valve Shutoff Systems. If you use Chlorine or other hazardous gases you know the risks associated with them. Halogenís Emergency Shutoff Systems provide an extra measure of safety for these environments. Donít let a gas leak become a reportable Hazmat incident. Protect your personnel and the environment. All of our shutoff systems are Fire Code approved replacements for gas scrubber treatment systems..

Since 1995 Halogen Valve Systems, Inc. has manufactured a complete line of emergency gas shutoff systems. Recognizing the need for a more effective method of preventing a large leak, we developed our shutoff systems to reduce the hazards of exposure to toxic gases in the workplace. Until then, dealing with a gas leak meant using an expensive scrubbing system or letting the tank empty, and then cleaning up the mess and/or sending operational personnel in harmís way with protective gear to close the valve. By developing a safer and more cost effective way, we accomplish this task by closing the leaking valve from a remote location with our emergency shutoff system.

Our fully automated and microprocessor controlled systems can respond to a leak quickly and reduce the exposure risk to operational personnel when a leak occurs. The Halogen Gas Shutoff Systems meets all Fire Code Requirements as a replacement for Gas Scrubber Treatment Systems. See for yourself why Halogenís Shutoff Systems have been proven safe and reliable in a variety of facilities and operations.



Recommended for all water / wastewater treatment facilities and hazardous gas use environments.















System Controllers

Halogen offers a complete line of Actuator Control Systems that cover a variety of options to meet your needs. There are systems that close all valves simultaneously for the quickest response, and more economical systems that close valves sequentially. There are Systems that provide a full range of information capabilities, including programmable relays and output options for your SCADA or PLC systems, as well as less costly systems that provide the minimum necessary alert response. The Duplex Model II system will operate two Eclipse actuators to close two valves simultaneously. The Hexacon Model III system can operate up to six Eclipse actuators and close them sequentially for both 150 lbs. cylinders and one ton containers. The Gemini system that will operate up to two Terminator actuators is our lowest cost alternative for closing 150 lbs. cylinders sequentially.




Duplex Controller 
 Hexacon Controller
 Gemini Controller



Valve Actuators

Halogenís Eclipse actuators are designed to be used with standard 150 lbs. cylinder and ton container valves. The Eclipse is an automatic-closing fail-safe valve closer that supplements the manual operation of these valves by providing for powered valve closure in case of an emergency. The Eclipse actuator is the heart of the Hexacon, Duplex, and Simplex systems, where greater closing torque and complete system information is required. The Terminator Actuator is designed to be a low cost system used with standard 150 lbs. cylinders to close the valve in case of emergency.

Eclipse Actuator 
Terminator Actuator


Instrument Power Supply

(24/12 VDC)

The instrument Power supply with battery power backup provides uninterrupted 24 VDC for standard electronic monitoring of equipment like the Jupiter gas detection system. The three stage battery charger, powered by 115/230 VAC at 50 to 60 hertz, maintains the 12 VDC battery at peak performance levels.

Instrument Power Supply



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