Instrument Power Supply (24/12 VDC)

Model HVS9022

The instrument Power Supply with battery power provides uninterrupted 24 VDC for standard monitoring equipment like the Jupiter and Satellite gas detection systems. The three stage battery charger, powered by 115/230 VAC at 50 to 60 hertz, maintains the 12 VDC battery at peak performance levels.

The power system is designed to maintain a full charge that will provide 24 VDC output during a loss of AC power for up to 3 days. Membrane panel status lights provide diagnostic information for various system configurations.


  • Provides 0.625 Amps of power for up to four Jupiter Gas detection systems
  • Provides 24VDC for up to three days without AC power
  • Microprocessor controlled three stage battery charger
  • Easy to use interface panel provides continuous status of power source
  • Computer provides battery mode and fault conditions with LED display
  • Optional RS232 serial port output for SCADA or PLC
  • Optional programable relay contact connection for any 4-20 mA instrument output
  • Optional Relay Interface Module to provide 3 (three) 250VAC - 5 AMP output relays
  • Optional conversion feature for 12 volt power systems


  • Safety & Emergency equipment
  • Security and entry control systems
  • Pressure & Temperature sensors
  • Monitoring systems

Model HSV9021 (not pictured)

Model HSV9021 provides 24VDC power without battery backup or optional output controls.

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